Pretty in Pink



We may be savage and we may be cool but never forget our feminine side. ‘Pretty in Pink’ is put together to give you all the extra touches you need right from your naps to snacks to all the tiny girly things that make you the sweet, slightly dramatic, young and crazy girl that you are! Strive to be you and go ahead and pamper yourself with our pleasing girl box!



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Choose the perfect card for the occasion from our selection of exclusive designs. Our team handwrites each and every note to keep your gifts personal. (Plus, we have great handwriting.)


Congrats 75

Found My Man

Found My Man 75

Happy Birthday / Gold

Happy Birthday / Gold 75

Happy Birthday / Yellow

Happy Birthday / Yellow 75

I Got You Babe

I Got You Babe 75

I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much 75

Thank You

Thank You 0

Thank You Berry Much

Thank You Berry Much 75

XOXO / Red

XOXO / Red 75

XOXO / Black

XOXO / Black 75


Bridesmaid 75


Cheers 75

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